Please match each item on the left with the most appropriate item on the right.
1. Acknowedged and approved
2. Business exchange technology
3. Context
4. Dragon Tag
5. Focus effort on analysis
6. NAICS 1.0
7. Namespace
8. Open source
9. Specification
10. Tagging
a. “Levels” of XBRL taxonomies
b. AICPA Top Ten Technology that describes XBRL
c. Dragon Tag item that specifies “as of ” or “duration”
d. An Excel add-on that facilitates tagging
e. An XBRL taonomy
f. Marking up data with XBRL codes
g. Relationship between XBRL and XML
h. What XBRL provides for information
i. Why no one “owns” XBRL
j. XBRL “dictionary”

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