Popovici an untenured college English teacher was being considered for
Popovici, an untenured college English teacher, was being considered for a permanent appointment. When the president of the college discovered that she was separated from her husband and seeking a divorce, he brought this information to a board of trustees meeting and recommended that she not be rehired at the end of the term. The board of trustees agreed, and Popovici was not granted tenure. She was then requested to leave her teaching position as soon as the current school year ended. The president’s request to the board that Popovici not be rehired was based strictly on his fear that her divorce would harm the college’s “image.” Popovici was otherwise considered an “ excellent teacher” and had been recommended for tenure by her department chairperson. Did the president’s recommendation to deny Popovici’s tenure appointment, based on her marital situation,
constitute a wrongful intrusion into her private life?
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