Posting purchases and cash payments transactions GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNTS 101
Posting purchases and cash payments transactions.
101 Cash, $12,500 Dr. 502 Freight In
201 Accounts Payable 503 Purchases Returns and Allowances
501 Purchases 504 Purchases Discounts
Business Forms, Inc. Special Occasion Cards
Mailing and Packing Center Specialty Cards

1. Open the general ledger accounts and accounts payable ledger accounts indicated below. Enter the balance of Cash as of April 1, 2016.
2. Post the entries in Problem 8.2B from the general journal to the appropriate accounts in the general ledger and in the accounts payable ledger.
In Problem 8.2B
April 2 Purchased copy paper for $2,300 plus a freight charge of $210 from Mailing and Packing Cen ter, Invoice 3772, terms n/30.
8 Purchased assorted holiday gift cards for $1,900 from Special Occasion Cards, Invoice 9516; terms 1/10, n/30.
9 Received Credit Memorandum 155 for $220 from Mailing and Packing Center for return of copy paper that was water damaged. The copy paper was originally purchased April 2 on Invoice 3772.
12 Purchased five boxes of novelty items for $1,200 from Specialty Cards, Invoice 4901, terms n/30.
17 Issued Check 105 to Special Occasion Cards in payment of Invoice 9516, dated April 8, less the cash discount.
22 Purchased tray of cards for $750 from Specialty Cards, Invoice 4921, terms n/30.
23 Purchased supply of forms from Business Forms, Inc., for $1,980 plus shipping charges of $70 on Invoice 2020, terms n/30.
25 Received Credit Memorandum 225 for $75 from Specialty Cards for return of defective cards; the cards were originally purchased April 22 on Invoice 4921.
27 Purchased toner and other office supplies for $2,775 plus a freight charge of $85 from Business Forms, Inc., Invoice 2029, terms n/30.
30 Issued Check 111 to Mailing and Packing Center in payment of Invoice 3772, April 2, less the return of April 9.

3. Prepare a schedule of accounts payable. Compare the balance of the Accounts Payable control account with the total of the schedule.

Analyze: What was the amount of purchase discounts in April?

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