Question: Prepare a statement of your research question including problem

Prepare a statement of your research question including problem statements (hypotheses) and research objectives. Remember that applied business research is neither informative research, aka a term paper, nor theoretical research, aka a thesis, although there is some theoretical research done for business reasons. Applied Business Research focuses on solving business problems by answering targeted questions that lead to making informed decisions. In this paper you will identify one question that must be answered to make an informed decision to solve the problem that you present. Provide some background information to help the reader to understand the nature and the relevance of the question. This process should focus the research, providing guidance into the nature of the results and the data that will need to be gathered in the research process. Data in this sense is focused on the supporting documentation in the type of topics that will need to be included from the journal articles that you will need for support. You will be graded on the succinctness or your presentation and the completeness of the background support for the problem under consideration.

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