Question: Prepare all journal entries budgetary and actual required in all

Prepare all journal entries (budgetary and actual) required in all funds and the GCA-GLTL accounts to record the following transactions and events:
1. The county sold old equipment—original cost $800,000, accumulated depreciation $600,000—for $127,000. The equipment was included in the General Capital Assets accounts. The sale proceeds are not restricted.
2. The county leased equipment for use by departments financed through the General Fund under a capital lease. The capitalizable cost was $780,000; an initial payment of $100,000 was made.
3. The county ordered new patrol cars estimated to cost $100,000.
4. The county received the patrol cars along with an invoice for $101,200.
5. Land with a fair value of $90,000 was donated to the county. The donor had paid $37,000 for the land when he acquired it four years ago.
6. Bonds of $2,000,000 were issued at par for Enterprise Fund purposes. The bonds are to be repaid from the revenues of the Enterprise Fund. However, they are backed by the full faith and credit of the county; if the bonds cannot be repaid from the Enterprise Fund, general revenues must be used to repay them.

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