Prepare general journal entries to record the effects on the
Prepare general journal entries to record the effects on the General Capital Assets accounts of the following transactions. The transactions are independent of each other unless otherwise noted. Assume straight-line depreciation.
1. A government leased computers with a capitalizable cost of $150,000, including $30,000 paid at the inception of the lease agreement. The lease is properly classified as a capital lease, and the computers are for the use of the government’s finance and accounting division.
2. A government foreclosed on land against which it had tax liens amounting to $20,000. The estimated salable value of the land is $18,500. The government decided to use the land as the site for a new baseball park.
3. Construction costs billed during the year on a new addition to city hall totaled $8,000,000. $7,600,000 was paid to the contractors. Encumbrances of $10,000,000 related to the project were outstanding at year end. General revenues of $3,000,000 were transferred to the City Hall Addition Capital Projects Fund; the remainder of the construction costs are being financed from bond proceeds.
4. In the next year, the city hall addition in item 3 was completed at an additional cost of $9,800,000. The building was inspected and approved, but $2,000,000 of the construction costs have not been paid.
5. General government equipment with an original cost of $300,000 (estimated salvage: zero) was sold three-fourths through its useful life for $65,000.
6. A bridge was destroyed by a tornado. Its original cost was $92,000. Its useful life was only half over, and it is estimated that it will cost $250,000 to replace the bridge.
7. A dump truck originally purchased for and used by a city Enterprise Fund has been transferred to the streets and roads department—a general government department. The truck originally cost $80,000 and is halfway through its estimated useful life. Its residual value is $18,000. The fair value of the dump truck at the date of the transfer to the streets and roads department is $52,000.
8. Computers with an original cost of $40,000 and estimated residual value of $5,000 were transferred from General Fund departments to the municipal golf course, which is accounted for in an Enterprise Fund. The transfer occurred at the end of the original estimated useful life of the computers.

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