Prepare journal entries to record the following events using the general fund and the general fixed assets account group:
a. The general fund vouchered the purchase of trucks for $80,000. The purchase had been encumbered earlier in the year at $75,000.
b. Several years ago, equipment costing $15,000 was acquired with general fund revenues. It was sold for $6,000, with proceeds belonging to the general fund.
c. Early in the year, a citizen donated to the city land appraised at $100,000. She submitted plans for a new library and agreed to cover the total cost of construction, paying the company directly as work proceeded. At year-end, the building was two-thirds finished, with costs to date of $300,000. The expenditures are recorded in a capital projects fund.
d. A snow plow was purchased with general fund cash for $92,000, which represented a cost of $110,000 less trade-in of $18,000 for an old snow plow originally purchased for $66,000 from special revenue funds. As an emergency purchase, the acquisition of the new snow plow had not been encumbered.

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