Question: Prepare journal entries to record the transactions in E12 1

Prepare journal entries to record the transactions in E12- 1.
In E12- 1.
For each of the following transactions, identify the net asset classification (unrestricted, temporarily restricted, permanently restricted) that is affected in the NFPO’s financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2012. More than one net asset class may be affected in some transactions.
1. Donor A gave an NFPO a $ 50,000 cash gift in June 2012, stipulating that the NFPO could not use the gift until 2013.
2. Donor B gave an NFPO a $ 25,000 cash gift in July 2012, telling the NFPO the gift could be used only for research on a specific project.
3. In response to an NFPO’s fund- raising campaign for a new building, a large number of individuals promised to make cash contributions totaling $ 2 million in 2012. The NFPO believes it will actually collect 80 percent of the promised cash.
4. Donor C gave an NFPO several investments having a fair value of $ 3 million in March 2012. Donor C stipulated that the NFPO must hold the gift in perpetuity, but it could use the income from the gift for any purpose the trustees considered appropriate. Between March and December, the investments produced income of $ 100,000.
5. Using the funds raised in transaction 3, an NFPO paid an architect $ 50,000 in 2012 to make preliminary designs for a new building.

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