Question: Prince Corp and Sprite Corp reported the following balance sheets

Prince Corp. and Sprite Corp. reported the following balance sheets at January 1, 2014:

On January 2, 2014, Prince issued $36,000 of stock and used the proceeds to purchase 90% of Sprite’s common stock. The excess of the purchase price over Sprite’s book value of net assets was allocated 60% to inventory and 40% to goodwill.

Show the amounts that Prince will report on its January 2, 2014, consolidated balance sheet for the following items under (a) the acquisition method and (b) the purchase method.
1. Current assets.
2. Noncurrent assets.
3. Goodwill.
4. Current liabilities.
5. Noncurrent liabilities.
6. Stockholders’ equity (controlling interest).
7. Stockholders’ equity (noncontrolling or minorityinterest).
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