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suppose, when designing the experment in problem11.42, that the effect of the input/output buffer size was studied in addition to the effect of the data file size. thus instead of the one-factor completely randomized design given in problem 11.42, the experiment used a two-factor factorial design, with the first factor, buffer size, having two levels (20 kilobytes and 40 kilobytes) and the second factor, data file size, having three levels (small, medium, and large). that is, there are two factors under consideration: buffer size and data size. a sample of four programs (replicates) were evaluated for each buffer size and data file size combination. the access read times, in milliseconds, are stored in the attached file.
at the 0.05 level of significance

a) is there an interaction between buffer size and data file size?

b) i sthere an effect due to buffer size?

c) is there an effect due to data file size?

d) plot the mean access read times (in milliseconds) for each buffer size level for each data file size level. describe the interaction and discuss why you can or can not interpret the main effects in (b) and (c).

e) on the basis of the results in (a) and (d), what conclusions can you reach concerning access read times? discuss.

f) compare and contrast your results in (a) through (e), with those from the completely randomized design in problem 11.42. discuss fully.
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