11. multinational working capital management: common issues and strategies

Project Description:

as part of the course you will write an original paper on an international finance topic that is listed below. each term paper involves research on one specific and narrow topic to understand the issue and the most recent research in that area as well as the use of research methodologies. in addition, you must propose some topics for further research. once a specific problem has been identified, you have to search past literature on the issue, identify conflicting theories and evaluate research that supports various theories
you have to be able to identify why various researchers agree or disagree on the issue. these term papers have two objectives. first, the topics should familiarize you with the important issues in international finance. second, this exercise should sharpen your skills at quickly acquiring knowledge about a specific topic (about which you may have had only vague ideas), understanding conflicting theories and views on that topic, and sharing this knowledge with your colleagues. the term papers should be written in an academic style, a style that will be followed by your future research projects. you will go through several stages through your paper before you present your findings in the class.
proposal (due wednesday, september 24th 2014): one page description of the topic that you are interested in. you should articulate the question/hypothesis that you would like to test. you should also briefly describe the data that you plan to use and reference at least one relevant paper (published or unpublished).
first draft (due 12th week) your paper should have four parts: introduction, data, analysis, and conclusion. the introduction should state the question that you are asking, explain why this question is important, how you plan to answer the question, and how it is related to what others have done. the data section should describe the data that you are using or intend to use. you may have to provide justification for the data chosen. this may include the description and discussion of the data source, variables that you are using and a table with descriptive statistics. the analysis may consist of a series of graphs, tables, correlations and perhaps even a regression. the conclusion should summarize the results, state their implications, and suggests further research.
second draft (due 14th week): you will need to have incorporated my comments on your rough draft. do not underestimate the importance of good writing. organize your ideas clearly and concisely. revise, be original, and write an engaging paper.
presentation (14th & 15th week): your presentation should be no more than 10 minutes long. you should prepare 5-6 slides summarizing the issue that your paper addresses, the motivation, its relation to existing work, your findings and conclusions. each presentation will be followed by a question and answer period in which all students are expected to participate.
final draft (due week 16) this is an individual project. each student is to do a paper on her own.

while you are not required to carry out your own theory-development or advanced data analysis, your work will be judged on the thoroughness of your literature search and your attempts at understanding and summarizing the issues precisely and concisely.
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