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a company is considering an organizational change involving the use of self-managed work teams. to assess the attitudes of employees of the company toward this change, a sample of 400 employees is selected and asked whether they favor the institution of self-managed work teams in the organization. the results of the survey, cross-classified by type of job and attitude towards self-managed work teams, are summerized as follows:

self managed work team

type of job favor neutral oppose total

hourly worker 108 46 71 225
supervisor 18 12 30 60
middle management 35 14 26 75
upper mamagement 24 7 9 40
total 185 79 136 400

a) at the 0.05 level of signifigance, is there evidence of a relationship between attitude toward self-managed work teams and type of job?

the survey also asked respondents about their attitudes towards instituting a policy whereby an employee could take one addtional vacation day per month without pay. the results, cross-classified by type of job, are as follows:

vacation time without pay
tyrpe of job favor neutral oppose total
hourly worker 135 23 67 225
supervisor 39 7 14 60
middle management 47 6 22 75
upper management 26 6 8 40
total 247 42 111 400

b) at the 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a relationship between attutude toward vacation time without pay or job type?
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