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a ompany that produces and markets continuing education programs on dvds for the educational teating indusrty has traditionally mailed advertising to prospective customers. a market research study was undertaking to compare two sales approaches: mailing a sample dvd upon request that contained highlights o full dvd and send throuf the gh a website web link with sample material. the results are as follows:

type of media

purchased mailing e-mail total
yes 26 11 37
no 227 247 474
total 253 258 511

a) at a 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a basis of the type of media?

b) on the basis of the results of (a) , which type of m should the company use in the future? explained the rationale for your decission.

the company also was determined which sales approach delivered more sales
there were 474 respondents.

sales approach
action e-mail dvd call total
purchase 5 17 18 40

don't 153 141 140 434
total 158 158 158 474

c) at a 0.05 level of significance , is there evidence of the difference in the proportion of dvds purchased on the basis of the sales strtegy used?

d) on the basis of t he results of (c), which sales approach do you think the company should use in the future? explain the rationale for your decission.
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