15 pages in hrm ter paper choose one of the topic and 15 page not title page, table of content and references.

Project Description:

hrm term paper - topic suggestions
choose 1 from the following:
1-strategic human resource management
2-human resource planning and recruitment
3-training for global efficiency
4-employee benefits
5-managing human resources globally
6-religious diversity: accepting diversity in the workplace and its affect on performance
7-training and development: a systems approach

all papers include the following in apa format :
-title page (not included in 15 page requirement)
-table of content (not included in 15 page requirement)
-introduction to hrm and research topic
-body of document properly imbued and cited with scholarly material past research
-analysis of research/studies
-summary. conclusion, recommendations
-impact on field of study (hrm/hrd)
-implications for hrd practitioners
-supporting references (not included in 15 page requirement
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