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week 1
reading requirement: chapter 1 & 2
due: initial posting due tuesday june 4th


article: chains, shops, and networks: the role of is in new models of value creation

pages 19-20 of your text describe porter’s value chain model. it shows how businesses (for example, a parts manufacturer) add value to their product in a chain of successive operations, such as inbound logistics, manufacturing, outbound logistics, sales, and service.

the value chain model does not apply as well to service organizations. the article by computer sciences corporation (1998) presents two additional value models - value shop and value network - to describe other means of creating value to the customer.

in this think tank, briefly explain which of the three models of value creation most accurately describes each of the businesses listed below. in each case, discuss how the organization might best use information systems to support that value creation model. after posting your answers, please read the other postings and join in the discussion with your colleagues.

toyota corporation (automobiles)

the boston red sox (baseball)

dartmouth college (education and research)

mary kay (cosmetics)

fedex (courier services)

it is not intended that you engage in in-depth research about these companies. you should use your personal knowledge, though you may also wish to visit the websites of the organizations to gain a further overview.

weekly participation requirement:
your participation mark will be based on both the quality and quantity of your responses in the think discussions. all of your contributions will be reviewed and categorized into the number of low-level contributions (one-liners, minimal contribution), medium-level contributions (more substantive, meaty contribution), and high-level contributions (demonstrating a key, broad, and deep level of thought related to the think topic). there are also zero-level contributions (such as just "i agree" or similar remarks). the coaches will base their judgments on these statistics.

unless the think instructions indicate otherwise, you are expected to contribute 6 to 10 high-level contributions throughouteach week; it is not fair to your group members to make all your postings at the end of the week. your first posting each week should be no later than tuesday. be sure you reference any quotes in your postings. your coach may have further requirements which you should be sure to follow as well.

your participation in the think tankcounts for 40%of your final grade.
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