1-20 types of audits and auditors

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1-20 types of audits and auditors.
after performing an audit, the auditor determines that:
1. the financial statements of a corporation are presented fairly.
2. a company's receiving department is inefficient.
3. a company's tax return does not conform with irs regulations.
4. a governments supply depot is not meeting planned program objectives.
5. the financial statements of a physican are properly prepared on a cash basis.
6. a foreman is not carrying out his assigned responsibilities.
7. the irs is in violation of an established government employment practice.
8. a company is meeting the terms of a government contract.
9. a municipalities financial statements correctly show actual cash receipts and disbursements.
10. the postal service in midtown is inefficient.
11. a company is meeting the terms of a bond contract.
12. a department is not meeting the company's prescribed policies concerning overtime work.

a. indicate the type of audit is involved: (1) financial, (2) compliance, (3) operational.
b. identify the type of auditor that is involved: (1) independent, (2) internal, (3) government, gao, or (4) government-irs
c. identify the primary recipient of the audit report: stockholders, management, congress and so on.

type of audit type of auditor primary recipients
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