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1) if a stock is expected to pay a dividend of $40 for the current year, what is the approximate present value of this stock, at a discounted rate of 5% and a dividend growth rate of 3%.

2) for each of the following changes, state what will happen to demand and market equilibrium price and quantity in the short run? (hint:what happened each {up/down}?

a) the price of a substitute good rises.

b) consumer incomes fall, and the goods are inferior.

c) a medical report is published showing that this good is hazardous to your health.

3) for each of the following sets of supply and demand curves, calculate equilibrium price and quantity. a. qd = 2000-2p; qs = 2p b. qd = 500 - p; qs = 50 + p c. qd = 5000 - 10p; qs = -1000 + 5p
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