1. what is an advantage of a linked list over

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1. what is an advantage of a linked list over an array?_br_a. linked lists take up less space per element_br_b. linked lists can grow dynamically to hold individual new elements without copying existing elements_br_c. linked lists are faster at finding a particular element than an array_br_d. linked lists can hold structures as elements_br_2. which of the following statements is true?_br_a. there is no reason to ever use an array_br_b. linked lists and arrays have the same performance characteristics_br_c. linked lists and arrays both allow constant time access to elements by index_br_d. it is faster to add an element into the middle of a linked list than to the middle of an array_br_3. when would you normally use a linked list?_br_a. when you only need to store one item_br_b. when the number of items you need to store is known at compile time_br_c. when you need to dynamically add and remove items_br_d. when you need instant access to any item in a sorted list without having to do any iteration to access it_br_4. why is it ok to declare a linked list with a reference to the type of the list item? (struct node {_br_node* p_next; };)_br_a. this isn’t allowed_br_b. because the compiler is able to figure out that you don’t actually need the memory for selfreferencing items_br_c. because the type is a pointer, you only need enough space to hold a single pointer; the memory for the actual next node is allocated later_br_d. this is allowed so long as you do not actually assign p_next to point to another structure_br_5. why is it important to have a null at the end of the linked list?_br_a. it's the only way to indicate where the list ends_br_b. it prevents the code from using uninitialized memory_br_c. it is a debugging aid—if you try to go too far down the list, the program will crash_br_d. if we don't store a null, then the list will need infinite memory because of the self-reference_br_6. how are arrays and linked lists similar?_br_a. both allow you to quickly add new elements in the middle of your current list_br_b. both allow you to store data sequentially and sequentially access that data_br_c. both arrays and linked lists can easily grow larger by incrementally adding elements_br_d. both provide fast access to every element in the list_br_
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