1. which of the following variable name prefixes do we

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1. which of the following variable name prefixes do we use in this book for variables that reference forms?a. frb. frmc. ford. fm2. when this type of form is displayed, no other form in the application can receive the focus until the form is closed.a. modalb. modelessc. startupd. unloaded3. when this type of form is displayed, statements following the method call continue to execute after the form is displayed.a. modalb. modelessc. startupd. unloaded4. what does the hide method do?a. removes a form from the screen and removes it from memoryb. removes a form from the screen but does not remove it from memoryc. positions one form behind another oned. removes a form from memory but does not remove it from the screen5. this method makes a form invisible, but does not remove it from memory.a. removeb. deletec. closed. hide6. if you want to declare g_inttotal in a module as a global variable, which of the following declarations would you use?a. dim g_inttotal as integerb. public g_inttotal as integerc. global g_inttotal as integerd. private g_inttotal as integer7. just before a form is initially displayed, this event occurs.a. initialdisplayb. loadc. displayd. create8. this event occurs when the user switches to the form from another form or another application.a. activatedb. loadc. switchd. close9. this event occurs as a form is in the process of closing, but before it has closed.a. formclosedb. startclosec. shuttingdownd. formclosing10. this event occurs after a form has closed.a. formclosedb. endclosec. shutdownd. formclosing11. a form uses this statement to call its own close method.a. form.close()b. me.close()c. close(me)d. thisform.close()12. if a procedure or variable is used by more than one form, where should it be declared?a. moduleb. form filec. multiprocess filed. project file13. if an application’s menu system has a cut command on the edit menu, what should the menuitem control for the command be named?a. mnucutb. mnueditc. mnucuteditd. mnueditcut14. a menu command’s ________________ only works while the menu is open, while a(n) ________________ may be executed at any time while the form is active.a. shortcut key, access keyb. access key, shortcut keyc. function key, control keyd. alternate key, control key15. which of the following statements disables the mnufileprint object?a. mnufileprint.disabled = trueb. mnufileprint.enabled = falsec. mnufileprint.available = falsed. disable mnufileprint
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