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the united service (ues) use large quantities of packaging materials at its four distribution hubs. after screening potential suppliers, ues identified six vendors that can provide packaging materials that will satisfy its quantity standards. ues asked each of the six vendors to submit bids to satisfy annual demands at each of its four distribution hubs over the next year. the following table lists the bids received ( in thousands of dollars). ues wants to ensure that each of the distributions hubs is serviced by a different vendor. which bids should ues accept, and which vendors ues select to supply each distribution hud?

distribution hub
bidder 1 2 3 4
martin products 190 175 125 230
schmidt materials 150 235 155 220
miller containers 210 225 135 260
d & j burns 170 185 190 280
larbes furnishings 220 190 140 240
lawler depot 270 200 130 260
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