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goldwater corp. experienced these 5 events during the current year:
a) december sales totaled $50,000, and goldwater collected an additional state sales tax of 6%. this amount will be sent to the state of indiana early in january.
b) one november 30, goldwater received rent of $6,000 in advance for a lease on unused store space. this rent will be earned evenly over 3 months.
c) on september 30, goldwater signed a 6-month, 9% note payable to purchase store fixtures, costing $12,000. the note requires payment of principal and interest at maturity.
d) goldwater owes $100,000 on a long term note payable. at december 31, 6% interest since july 31 and $20,000 of this principal are payable within 1 year.

for each item, indicate the account and the related amount to be reported as a current liability on the goldwater corp. balance sheet at december 31.

boston inc. reported the following summarized balance sheet at december 31, 2007:

current assets $18,200
property, plant and equipment 34,700
total assets $52,900

liabilities and equity
liabilities $ 6,200

stockholders’ equity:
$5 cumulative, preferred stock, $10 par,
180 shares issued 1,800
common stock, $1 par, 2,400 shares issued 2,400
paid in capital in excess of par, common 23,500
retained earnings 19,000

total liabilities and equity $52,900

during 2008, boston completed these transactions that affected stockholders’ equity:
feb. 22 issued 1,000 shares of common stock for $16 per share.
may 4 declared a regular cash dividend on the preferred stock
may 24 paid the cash dividend
july 9 distributed a 10% stock dividend on the common stock. market price of the
common stock was $18 per share.
nov 19 reacquired 800 shares of common stock as treasury stock, paying $14 per
dec 8 sold 600 shares of the treasury stock for $15 per share.

a) journalize boston’s transactions. explanations are not required.
b) report boston’s stockholders’ equity at december 31, 2008. net income for 2008 was $62,000. skeleton below:

stockholders’ equity:
$5 cumulative preferred stock, $10 par, ? shares
issued……………………………………………............ $
common stock, $1 par, ? shares issued

paid-in capital in excess of par - common

paid-in capital from treasury stock transactions……
retained earnings

less: treasury stock

total stockholders’ equity…………………………… $121,600
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