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think about one effective and one ineffective leader whom you have encountered. determine how each was effective or ineffective in his or her leadership style and explain your reasoning with support from sources and actual examples. incorporate in your response the leadership theories that we have discussed in the past few weeks, such as path-goal theory and leader-member exchange. in the case of the ineffective leader, make suggestions as to how he or she could improve their individual leadership style.

make sure to return to this discussion to add to it throughout the course, and be sure to reply to other learners as well.

global economics
read the required journal articles by fabiosa et al. (2005), keeney (2009) and anderson et al. (2006). in considering the effect of trade liberalization of agricultural markets, compare and contrast the challenges experienced by developing countries versus that of the us. what financial support does us government policy afford its agricultural sector? how does this affect world agricultural markets? support your findings with additional academic references.

please use critically analyze the article in your posting.
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