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after conducting outside research and the recommended readings, discuss the differences in leadership styles between genders. as a leader, discuss how you would manage or have managed the different issues associated with gender. these can consist of work-life balance, family responsibilities, how stress is managed, ways decisions are made, etc. support your responses with examples and outside sources.
global economics

refer to the required reading from zarrouk (n.d.). select one of the countries within the arab free trade area and outline one of its primary exports to other member countries. provide market size and share statistics relative to exports of this same good to other countries. what has the five year trend been for the quantity of this export? support your findings with additional academic references.

a good source of data to answer this quesiton is the world trade organization (wto). please visit this website to gather information relating to flow of trade and barriers to trade. the site for the wto: https://www.wto.org/
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