2 questions (150 words each)

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question 1 (150-200 words)
read the case study on p. 104 of your textbook (“using training & development to spice up business results”). then answer the following questions (not the questions on p. 104):
• what organizational strategy does mccormick's appear to focus on?
• what type of training structure would you recommend for mccormick's? why?
• how can a strong training program provide an advantage to mccormick's over their competitors, both from a customer and employee perspective?
(i can attach a picture of the cast study mentioned above with a word doc. )

question 2 (150-200 words)
before posting to this discussion forum, you will first need to familiarize yourself with the concepts in the assigned chapters in the course text and in the website course content.

next, spend some time observing people interacting for about 10 minutes. this could be a television talk show, or simply an interaction between family, friends or co-workers. pay particular attention to those concepts about which you are reading in your course text, i.e., attending skills such as how people listen or fail to listen to each other, “i” and “you” talk, and non-verbal communication, too.

post to the discussion forum a brief description of what you observed in your real-life experiences. give your impressions and any conclusions that demonstrate application of textbook and course content concepts to real-life situations. then read the postings submitted by your classmates and reply to at least two other students.
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