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in recent years, pablo company purchased three machines. because of heavy turnover in the accounting department, a different accountant was in charge of selecting the depreciation method for each machine and each selected a different method. information concerning the machines is summarized below.

machine acquired cost cost salv. life method
1 1/1/09 105,000 5,000 10 straight
2 1/1/09 150,000 10,000 8 declining
3 1/1/11 100,000 15,000 6 units of act.

for the declining balance method, the company uses the double-declining rate. for the units of activity method, total machine hours are expected to be 25,000. actual hours of use in the first 3 years were: 2011, 2,000; 2012, 4500; and 2013, 5500.

(a) compute the amount of accumulated depreciation on each machine at december 31, 2011.
(b) if machine 2 had been purchased on may 1, instead of january 1, what would be the depreciation expense for this machine in (1) 2009 and (2) 2010?
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