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you are working as a designer for a university that offers a program in computer science. one of the tracts is computer security. one of your colleagues has recommended adding a course addressing network security. in this course, students learn about the history of networks and study network attacks that have caused significant damage to the network that was the subject of the attack. during the second term of this two semester course, the students are taught how to hack into a system, how to create malware (including trojan horses, viruses, and worms), and how to perpetrate a dos attack. choose one or more of the ethical theories discussed in chapter 2 and combine that with research to determine whether this course should be taught. be sure to discuss both sides of the issue before taking a specific side. would it make a difference if this was a graduate or phd level course instead of an undergraduate level course? explain.
in may, 2012, nevada became the first state to grant a license to a self-driven car. the google computer driven car has driven over 175,000 miles, albeit with a human driver behind the wheel in case something goes wrong. there are numerous cars that have the ability to park, to alert the driver in the event that the car leaves its lane, and cars that alert the driver to objects in its path and take appropriate corrective action. consider a society in which computers control automobiles, eliminating human error. what are some of the ethical issues that must be considered in introducing cars like this to mainstream society and widespread use?
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answer the task questions in a microsoft word file. word count 1,200–1,500. minimum 3 ½ pages 12 pt. serif type, double-spaced. follow apa style guide including cover sheet, in text citations, and at least four references. when completing your tasks, take a clear stand on whether a particular action or decision is right or wrong and then defend your position through the use of one or more of the practical ethical theories described in the book.
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