3 discussion questions - 250 words each

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hello all,

i would like to thank you all beforehand for any consideration given to my tasks. i have 3 discussion questions that require responses. each individual question requires one response at 250 each. this is a police intelligence course for my criminal justice degree. i will provide 3 articles and an audio file link that you will use for the first 2 questions. for the final question i will provide other articles for use. the responses need to be in apa format and require the articles be referenced. here are the questions:

discussion question 1:

- define and describe intelligence-led policing by showing its historical and comparative foundations.
discussion question 2:

- develop a realistic scenario, in graphic detail, describing how a specific counterterrorist intelligence operation can be most effectively accomplished through the coordination of activities and the sharing of intelligence between a local police department and a federal agency.
discussion question 3:

- identify one specific crime problem in a local community.
describe, in detail, how a variety of tools, especially statistical crime data discussed in your readings, could be used to develop full intelligence regarding that particular problem.

again, each response needs to be just 250 words, written in apa format and articles referenced.

for the first 2 discussion questions use these 3 articles and audio file link:

- "criminal justice policy review 2009"
- "journal of contemporary criminal justice 2007"
- "police quarterly 2013"
- (audio file link) http://video.capellavideo.com/course/psf5380/lindsey/psf5380_u05_consolidated.mp3

for the last (3rd) discussion question use these 2 articles:

- "first line supervision and community policing"
- "traditional policing - markets"

i need this by 12:00 midnight 10/23/2015. thank you all for your help!
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