3 pages about false memories - psychology in 8hrs

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as the instructions below, the professor will check for plaigarism
the source from the text book, this one http://docs.gcnation.net/hockenbury%20discovering%20psychology%205th%20txtbk.pdf
i need it in 8 hrs i prefer a writer with background about psychology and with good created 5'5


c. you will be required to choose a psychological concept or topic from the material covered
during the semester. first, you must provide a clear summary of the topic, including a brief
description (in your own words) of what psychologists and researchers have learned relevant to
the topic. you must think critically about what we do and do not know about the topic based on the
research found in the text or reviewed in class. you may choose to have additional references for
this portion of your paper, but they are not required. then, discuss how it relates to a real-world
topic of your choosing. note: the real-world topic and psychological concept you choose must
relate directly to the course. if the connection to the course seems unclear, make it clear in your
paper. that is, you must write about something in the news or something you or a friend have
experienced that directly relates to something in class. you must describe how it relates. give
many clear examples illustrating the connection. basically, and most importantly, show me that you
have thought critically about it. don't just summarize the issue. tell me how it is related to something you find interesting. the paper should be 3-4 pages long and you will need to upload your paper onto your livetext account for this course in order to get a grade on the paper.

in summary, to write a good paper, make sure you:
(a) clearly describe the psychological concept/issue/topic you are addressing, and
(b) clearly relate it to a real-world topic you find interesting by clearly describing this topic and
providing many clear examples that illustrate the connection between the two.

grading criteria for critical thinking task
_____ (7.0) description of event/appropriateness of event: points are deducted if the event is not fully explained or unclear, or if its relevance to psychology is weak or unclear
_____ (8.0) description of psychological concept/theory: points are deducted if key components of the theory/concept are not fully explained, unclear, or inaccurate; if description of concept is not supported by psychological science described in the text
_____ (7.0) application of psychological concept/theory to event: points are deducted if the connection between the psychological concept and event is unclear, there are insufficient examples illustrating the connection, or if there is insufficient evidence of critical thinking
_____ (8.0) writing style/elegance: points are deducted if writing lacks clarity, is too informal, there are grammatical/spelling errors, quotes are used, organization is poor, paper is too long or too short, sources are inappropriately cited.
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