3rd anthro language term paper

Project Description:

5 page double spaced paper on language and self
using at least three of the following works

introduction to linguistic anthropology
read new york times article on 'huh' as universal:

dingemanse, mark, francisco torriera, and n.j. enfield 2013 is “huh?” a universal word? conversational infrastructure and the convergent evolution of linguistic items. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0078273
conklin, h. 1955. hanunoo color categories. in language in culture and society, d. hymes, ed. harper-row.

cohn, c. 1987 sex and death in the rational world of defense intellectuals. signs 12:687-718.
lakoff, george and mark johnson 2009 [1980] metaphors we live by. in making sense of language. susan blum, ed. ny: oxford university press, pp. 92-94.
• star trek, next generation, darmok episode. think about how this episode speaks to the sapir-whorf hypothesis and basso’s work on the culture of metaphors. it does,
basso, k.h. 1985 to give up on words: silence in western apache culture. in language and social context. p. giglioli, ed. penguin.
basso, k.h. wisdom sits in places,

6. feb. 19: basso, k.h. wisdom sits in places, chapter 1

jackson, j. 1974 language identity of the colombia vaupés indians. in r. baumann & j. sherzer (eds) explorations in the ethnography of speaking. ny:cup pp. 50-64.

keisling, scott 2004 dude. american speech 79(3):281-305.

basso, k.h. wisdom sits in places, chapter 2

bailey, benjamin 2000 the language of multiple identities among dominican americans. journal of linguistic anthropology 10(2):190
basso, k.h. wisdom sits in places, chapter 3.

cameron, d. 1997 performing gender identity. in language and masculinity. sally johnson and ulrike hanna meinhof, eds. cambridge, mass: oxford press.

basso, k.h. wisdom sits in places, chapter 4
small task #3 due how are language and identity connected?

ochs, elinor and bambi b. schieffelin. 2001. language acquisition and socialization: three developmental stories and their implications. in linguistic anthropology: a reader. a. duranti (ed). pp. 263-301. cambridge, ma: blackwell.

heath, s. 1982. what no bedtime story means. language in society 11:49-76

shankar, shalini 2008 speaking like a model minority. journal of linguistic anthropology 18(2):268-289.

graham, laura, alexandra jaffe, bonnie urciuoli, david valentine 2007 why anthropologists should oppose english only legislation in the us. anthropology news january 2007:32-33.
video: american tongues
small task #4 due: why does how you speak matter?

eckert, penelope 1980 diglossia: separate and unequal. linguistics 18:56-64.
fader, ayala 2007 reclaiming sacred sparks: syncretism and gendered language shift among ​hasidic jews in new york. journal of linguistic anthropology 17(1): 1-10
floyd, simeon 2008 the pirate media economy and the emergence of quichua language media spaces in ecuador. anthropology of work review 29(2):34-41.

• jones, graham m. and bambi b. schieffelin 2009 talking text and talking back: “my bff jill?” from boob tube to youtube. journal of computer mediated communication 14(4):1050- 1079.
• listen to geoff nunberg: “teens, tech and language: a tired old tale retold.” fresh air, npr 2008: http://www.npr.org/templates/topics/topic.php?topicid=1049.

mcintosh, janet, 2010. mobile phones and mohopo’s prophesy: the powers and danger of flying language. american ethnologist 37(2): 337-353.
• watch linguist david crystal discussing texting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h79v_qup91m

hill, jane 1999 language, race, and white public space. american anthropologist 100(3):680-689.

lippi-green, rosina, 1997 teaching children how to discriminate. in english with an accent: ideology and discrimination in the us. routledge: pp. 79-103.

meek, barbra 2006 and the injun goes “how!”: representations of american indian english in white public space. language in society 35(1):93-128.

alim, h. samy and generva smitherman, 2012 “nah, we straight”: black language and america’s first black president. in articulate while black. new york : oxford university press, pp. 1-30.
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