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the below needs to be 2-3 paragraphs each.

research on the internet one company that has taken a public position on a major public issue. some examples of major public issues include climate change, executive pay, food safety, public health, and consumer privacy. be prepared to discuss.analyze the multiple environments of the company, and identify the various stakeholders and their relationship with the company.
explain why you think the company felt it was necessary to publicly address this issue. include in your explanation how you believe the company hopes to benefit from its public position.
discuss some of the risks the company faces by publically addressing this issue.

"corporate social responsibility" please respond to the following:

research on the internet one company that is perceived to be socially responsible. explain how the firm you researched follows the charity principle and the stewardship principle. explain why you think the firm either:
should devote more resources toward social responsibility, or
devotes an appropriate amount of resources to social responsibility, or
should devote fewer resources toward social responsibility.
based on the information presented in chapter 3 discussion case, explain in detail how well you think timberland balances its economic and social responsibilities. state which responsibility you feel should be its major focus, and explain your position in detail.
compare and contrast the concepts of corporate social responsibility, citizenship, and global citizenship.
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