4 cases 3 small one page each one and last one is 2 pages. answer the case and support your answers/claims/position

Project Description:

project management cultures:
complete the following case study below:
1-apache mental, pg. 160 (answer questions) (1 page).

project management organizational structures:
complete the following case study below:
2-government project management, pg. 220 (answer questions) (1 page )

project management planning:
complete the following case study below:
3-payton corporation, pg. 277 (answer questions)(1 page)

complete the following case study below:
4- spin master toys (a): finding a manufacturer for e-chargers, pg. 279 (2 pages) (the instructor attached also summery with analyzing this case study).
reference the pmbok to support your answers/claims/position

*written case brief
a. case situation description: provide a summary of the case and its details. identify the key players, trends, and project management challenges faced in the case.
b. case analysis: use the questions at the end of the case as guidance, be sure to answer all of the questions unless indicated (questions must be answered for a successful case analysis). your job is to identify the important aspects of the case, especially as they concern the project management topics embedded in each case. expectations concerning depth of analysis increase as the semester progresses, since we’ll have access to more information about project management and pm tools and techniques.
c. summary of analysis and recommendations: what should be (should have been) done in this case? how can the key metrics be improved through the application of your recommendations? what are the key metrics to be tracking? how will implementation occur? what are the obstacles to implementation and how will you counter them as a pm team? what should have been done differently? be sure to support your recommendations with concrete data and justify using logical arguments.
d. format of brief:
i. executive summary (one page; tell us your brief summary of analysis and recommendations. should be able to stand alone.)
ii. body of brief: logically organized as you see fit considering the facts of the case. be sure to include graphics and other exhibits to communicate your points effectively. use specific headings to show organization and guide readers.
iii. references: for cited material in body of case brief (required) and any suggested readings (optional).
iv. appendices: any data, tables, articles, other materials you deem helpful to understanding the case and case analysis you performed.
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