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area national bank’s board of directors voted to declare dividends of $286,000 total for 2015. these dividends are to be distributed in two payments, with one payable in january for $156,000 and the second payable in december for $82,000. the balance sheet is recorded to indicate the plan of action. what is the cash payments made to the stockholders during the year?

2. the balance sheet and income statement of rocky’s candy company contain the following information:
balance sheet: a decrease in inventory of $1,050,000, a decrease in accounts payable of $349,000, an increase in accounts receivable of $314,000, and a decrease in prepaid expenses of $141,000.

income statement: depreciation expense is $679,000, fixed assets and inventory write-down losses of $294,000, net earnings of $189,700, and stock-based compensation expense (noncash) of $742,000.

prepare a cash flows from operating activities section of the statement of cash flows, using the indirect method and explain your results. show all your work!!

3. determine what the free cash flow for harold’s spice rack inc. is with cash flows from operating activities of $841,000, cash flows used for investments in property, plant, and equipment totals $512,000, of which 60% of this investment was used to replace existing capacity. would harold’s spice rack’s free cash flow be useful to a lender in determining whether or not to give a loan? why or why not?

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