600-1000 words case study

Project Description:

600-1000 words

minimum 5 sources. use high quality websites, databases, and resources.

submit you task here and on safeassign. you can make a digital learning object instead of writing a paper.

(example of a digital learning object: http://sustainableengineeringsystems.com/2013/02/01/professional-engineering-ethics-the-citicorp-tower-case/

in a case study, the teacher gives you a “case,” a problem, to analyze and write about. here are the steps to follow in writing the essay.

step 1: review the history, background, and details of the case.

step 2: state the main problem or issue present in the case.

step 3: list the main possible solutions to the case.

step 4: state the important and probable outcomes or consequences of each main solution.

step 5: describe the likely impact of each main solution on peoples’ lives.

step 6: explain the values upheld and those violated by each main solution.

step 7: compare the possible solutions to each other and weigh them.

step 8: decide which solution is best; state it, clarity its details, and justify it.

step 9: defend the decision against objections to its main weaknesses.

when evaluating and analyzing the sources in this task, use cottrell’s (2005) 8 steps in the process of critical thinking:

1. identify other people's position, arguments and conclusions.

2. evaluate the evidence for alternative points of view.

3. weigh up opposing arguments and evidence fairly.

4. read between the lines, seeing behind surfaces, and identify false or unfair assumptions.

5. recognize techniques used to make certain positions more appealing than others, such as false logic and persuasive devices.

6. reflect on issues in a structured way, bringing logic and insight to bear.

7. draw conclusions about whether arguments are valid and justifiable, based on good evidence and sensible assumptions.

8. present a point of view in a structured, clear, well-reasoned way that convinces others.

apa guidelines

times new roman, font size 12 and double space
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