6-12a payroll accounting

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kelsey gunn is the only employee of arsenault company. his pay rate is $23.00 per hour with an overtime rate of 1 1/2 times for hours over 40 in a workweek. for the week ending march 31, 20--, he worked 48 hours.
calculate his gross pay for the week using the overtime premium approach to calculate the overtime pay.
since the company holds back one week of pay, gunn will not be paid until april 7, 20--. what adjusting entry would the company make in order to record gunn's salary in the first quarter of this year? (the book works off of year 2014)
a) regular pay
b) overtime premium pay
c) gross pay
d) adjusting entry (list in journal style)
date description pr debit credit

*** i need to see your work (how you got the answers) i need this by 7/5/15 10pm. thank you
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