7 basic questions of system management overview. need to be done in 3 hours!

Project Description:

1.which of the following are activities performed during the closing project management phase?

select one:

a. meet with stakeholders

b. identify and sequence activities

c. commit resources to specific tasks

d. establish reporting obligations

2.all of the following are activities performed during the controlling project management phase except:

select one:

a. create reporting tools

b. compare actual progress with baseline

c. establish reporting obligations

d. writing a detailed project plan

3.which of the following is related to human factors feasibility?

select one:

a. customer acceptance

b. how well the proposed system will fit with the existing organizational structure

c. increased profits

d. hardware capability

4.which of the following is not a method used to defend against denial of service attacks at "zombie" machines?

select one:

a. set and enforce security policies

b. monitor employee emails

c. remind users not to open .exe mail attachments

d. close unused ports

5.all of the following are examples of questions that would be asked when establishing an "understanding the customer" strategic vision except:

select one:

a. who are our customers?

b. how can we add value for the customer with e-business services?

c. how are our customers' priorities shifting?

d. who should be our target customers?

6.in 2000, hackers broke into hundreds of servers and planted trojan horse .exe programs, which were then used to launch a barrage of service requests in a concerted attack at e-commerce websites, such as yahoo! and ebay. this is an example of a distributed ________________ attack.

select one:

a. acceptance of service

b. denial of service

c. zombie

d. trojan virus

7.a company that enters the _______________ quadrant of a strategic positioning matrix is extensively networked with its customers, suppliers, and competition through web sites, intranets, and extranets.

select one:

a. global market penetration

b. product and service transformation

c. cost and efficiency improvements

d. performance improvement in business effectiveness
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