$50 payouts; 2 pages quality essay needed; due by midnight mar6th, e.s.t

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if you familiar (better have read) with _a thousand splendid suns_by khaled hosseini, i do need your help with a written essay from you:

write an essay about the protagonist laila, 1)describe two conflicts she faces;2)how does she deal with them?;3)does she grow or change? explain your response.
--2 pages, double spaced,12 pt font.--

include information from one outside source(need works cited), use this to set the context of the story-meaning the situation in afghanistan.
(***use like the new york times, not any non-professional websites,etc.wiki. no any plagiarism even one sentence.)

if you are familiar with the book and would like to write a quality essay strictly follows the instruction, and by the deadline which is midnight of mar.6th, e.s.t, please contact me! thanks!
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