case analysis

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please follow the steps :

1- a hint for this case analysis is to relate to chapter 7 content. specifically, refer to the discussion questions in discussion board 6 (discussion 6 - ch 7 and 8). these are the questions from ch7 and ch 8 :

chapter 7

the global strategic marketing planning process involves the basis of looking at the four global drivers (market factors, cost factors, environmental factors, and competitive factors), then conducting various analyses (market, competitive, and internal analyses), and choosing a competitive strategy (cost leadership, differentiation, or focus). the chosen competitive strategy does not dictate the country-market choice (diversification or concentration), which needs to be made separately. define the terms in bold. then, select a global company (it can be the company your group is working on) and state their competitive strategy and their country-market choice, with the rationale for your answers.
global strategies based on effective segmentation is a possibility. what are the three global segments identified in our textbook as those segments that span markets without political boundaries? name the three and discuss why they are the global segments ready for a panregional approach.
what is glocalization? define and discuss its importance.
discuss how globalization and standardization are different concepts.
discuss the not-invented-here syndrome (nih) and relate to country-of-origin effect challenges.
discuss global strategies that can be chosen by local companies. (dodger, defender, contender, and extender) note that the categorization is done by transferability of competitive assets and pressure to globalize in the industry.

chapter 8
7.what are the credible sources of secondary data a firm can employ, when any of the three needs of global marketing research (when it is preparing to export to a different market/country (foreign market opportunity analysis), import from a different market/country, or consider market expansion)?
8. what are the tips to keep in mind when evaluating secondary data in global marketing research?
9. what is a proxy variable? why would you have to consider proxy variables in global marketing research?
10. what companies are in the top 25 global marketing research firms? visit the website of at least one company in the exhibit 8-3 and report your impression of what they do/offer to their clients.

2- requirement: your question (problem/opportunity) must contain one of the terminologies mentioned in questions of discussion 6 (chapters 7 or 8). if this requirement is not met, you will receive at most 5 out of 10.

the papers should be in this order :


who, what, where, when and how.

(must not exceed 3 paragraphs. a paragraph needs at least 3 sentences)


should be in the form of a question and not a statement

one active decision-making entity should be the subject of the question

list alternatives

should answer the problem/opportunity from the perspective of the key decision-making entity. list at least three alternatives.

analyze alternatives

each alternative should be analyzed with the pros and cons.

at least 3 pros and 3 cons for each alternative should be considered.

pros and cons should be detailed with additional research if necessary.


the best alternative should be selected based on supporting data.

the selection must be supported with a strong rationale, comparing the benefits and costs of alternatives with each other.

rationale is not a repetition of alternative analysis


should address the required resources of time, money and people.

must be realistic and feasible for the company in the case.
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