: create a homepage for the company you used in milestone one. all elements on the page must be styled using an external css style sheet. text and images can be found in the final projects resource fo

Project Description:

specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in this milestone:
 the company name, displayed prominently at the top of the page using the h1 tag
 a description of the company and the service it provides, using the paragraph tag
 one or more images
 an email address that includes a mailto link
 two or more hyperlinks to external sites (these can be added to the description of the company or elsewhere on the page)
 a form with at least four unique fields
 a css file that styles all elements in the html file, with at least one example of applying styles using each of the following css selectors:
element name
Skills Required:
Project Stats:

Price Type: Fixed

Project Budget: $0 to $10
Total Proposals: 3
1 Current viewersl
75 Total views
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Proposals Reputation Price offered
  • 4.1
    140 Jobs 52 Reviews
    $45 in 2 Days
  • 4.9
    125 Jobs 52 Reviews
    $45 in 1 Day