creating a roulette program out of c#

Project Description:

project description:
using visual studio create a roulette game,the game will be using 4 types of bets:
straight up - betting on a single slot
dozens - betting that the ball will land in a slot numbered
evens and odds - betting that a ball will land in an even numbered slot or an odd numbered slot
top line - betting that the ball will land in a slot number that is at the top of the betting line
if the player loses they lose their wager and if a player wins they keep their wager plus receive a payout. a roulette payout is given by
payout = 1/n(36 - n)
where n is how many numbers the player is betting on

form requirements:
a textbox to keep track of the number of chips the player has. give it a text value of 200 for start
a numeric up down to let the player select the number of chips wagered on the bet (in increments of 10, min 10, max 100)
picture boxes for the wheel numbers and types of bets; mimic the roulette board, replacing the red/black bet with the top line bet
a button to spin the wheel
a textbox to display the previous bets and a textbox to display the average bet
a reset button to start the game over

class structure requirements:
a class of cwheel objects. a cwheel object should be instantiated when the form is loaded and the cwheel class should contain a method to spin a cwheel object. that function should get the whole thing started each time the button is clicked. your button code shuold basically one be something of the form cwwheel.spin();
a class of cplayer objects. a cplayer object should be instantiated when the form is loaded and the cplayer class should have fields for the number of chips the cplayer object has and the cplayers objects current bet
a base class cbet with a field for the the number of chips wagered on the cbet and a virtual memberfunction to find the number of chips won on the spin of the wheel
subclasses for each of the four types of cbet, with each subclass having a method that overrides the virtural functions in cbet
a class cbetnode of nodes for a linked list of bets. this class should have a field for the bet and a field to point to the next bet in the list. this will only be a singly linked list. the class should aslo contain methods to add a node to the lst to cound the number of nodes in the list to add the values fields in the list to average the value fields in the list and to override tostring() in order to list the previous bets in the form
need to write appropriate constructors for each class

operation requirements:
the result of the wheel should be a random choice of 00 or 0-36
the player should be able to click on a picture box for their bet. that means that they can click on any of the numbers for a straight up bet or one of the areas for the three other types of bets
after selecting the bet amount in the numeric up down, the player can click the spin button the result of the wheel spin should be highlighted on the board and the number of chips the players has should be adjusted. the game should stop if the player runs out of chips

if the player doesn't select a bet amount, no big deal they didn't make a bet, but if a bet amount is selected with no bet type selected they should get an error message if they click the spin button
the player should be able to reset the game

i do have the form (board) almost done just making it look nice but any or all help would be grateful
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