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analysis and evaluation of an international cultural heritage attraction
as a group (4 or 5 members) you will analyse and evaluate the tourism impact and sustainability of an existing international cultural heritage tourism attraction. to be able to successfully analyse and evaluate your cultural heritage tourist attraction you will need to comprehensively research your attraction using a variety of resources.
your analysis and evaluation will be presented in a written report no longer than 2000 words.
your teacher will assign to your group an international cultural heritage tourism attraction. you will conduct an assessment of this attraction using a range of business management techniques.
a major goal of this project, apart from learning about some of the most fascinating cultural heritage attractions in the world, is for you to understand and become familiar with important business management techniques including: target marketing, swot analysis, stakeholder analysis, tourism impact analysis and promotion strategy.
you will subsequently apply these business management techniques in your final project when you develop a visioning plan for your own cultural heritage tourism attraction in the uae.
the title for international cultural heritage is : italy collosseum
submission date: 12/5/2015
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