it460 unit 8 systems architecture

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you are now nearing the end of the systems design phase for the tims
system. the next step is to plan the system architecture that will include
hardware, software, network support, and processing methods.
one of your first tasks should be to visit the scr data library and review the
design of the current scr network. you currently use a client/server design
with an ibm server at your headquarters location. when you implement
tims, you will need to select a network model, which can be based on your
existing topology (which is a combination of several designs that evolved
over the years), or propose a new design. either way, please include a rough
sketch and an explanation of your proposal.
please include recommendation for an overall client/server design, including
the number of tiers. also please comment on these issues: legacy data,
web-centricity, scalability, security, and batch processing that might be
also, please develop a checklist for tco analysis. you can do research on the
internet to learn more about tco. list what you think are the five most
important elements of tco, because of their magnitude or potential impact
on tims.
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