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i need to write a program based on inheritance. here is the requirement i only have four hours to submit it. thank you

create a class called employee that will include the attributes of all employees of your organization. include at least five attributes. if you are not currently working, you may use a fictional organization or one with which you are familiar.

add a second class that inherits from the employee class and describes a subgroup of employees. for example, you may define the class as managers. in the case of city employees, you may define the class as police officers. define at least three attributes that are specific to this subclass.

design, implement, test, and debug a c# program that asks the user to enter attributes for members of the subclass on a single form. the entries will include fields for the attributes of the main employee class as well as the subclass. include a second form that will display a cumulative list of all the employee data that the user has entered.

add a button that will exit the program.
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