personal finance

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1. read chapters 4, 13, and 15 in the new master your money
a. what can i do today to begin preparing to have adequate assets and resources to meet my retirement goals?
b. should i include giving in my retirement plan?
c. in this environment of low interest rates, can i utilize the law of compounding to my benefit?
d. what three areas of your life need to be changed to achieve your life goals?
2. after thinking about these questions and considering your answers, write a two - three page paper in which you formulate, in your own words, an investment framework for your desired life goals. use the following section headings in your paper to cover the questions asked above: a. assets and resources, b. giving, c. compounding, and d. changes. use in-text citations, a references page, and apa format according to the apa 6e guide.
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