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i need one powerpoint slide and an oral presentation that articulates the following:

how snyder's pretzel compares to it's brand competitors (cheetos, doritos, pringles, and funyuns). pretty much, based only on the data from survey monkey, i need you to explain to an audience using a slide, the company's position among its competitors.

there needs to be a diagram shown on the slide. it must be a four square, x/y centered axis. (i provided an attachment(s) of exactly how it should look; however the axis does not have to have a graph paper background.)

then based upon the results received from survey monkey, the data on the axis should numerically rate snyder's pretzels among its competitors according to: quality of ingredients, brand name, price, convenience, and packaging.

this should be done using resulting numerical values from the survey only. then positioning those numerical values next to the brand on the axis. that is, the ratings should be placed using the values 1, 1.5, 2 - 5 for each attribute. let me know if i should further explain.

finally, please include a 2-5 minute written oral presentation interpreting the results shown on the slide in first voice.

i need a guarantee however, that this slide can be completed in 24 hours!!!
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