women study

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from this reading answer the following questions
selective storytelling: a critique of u.s. media coverage regarding violence against indian women, sharmila lodhia 506.
naming and studying acquaintance rape, peggy reeves sanday 530.
catcalls, groping, and stalking in public places: how to deal with street harassment, holly kearl 526.
white privilege: unpacking the invisible knapsack, peggy mcintosh 394.
an autobiography, angela davis 398.
poverty, hopelessness, and hope, kendall johnson 417.
age, race, class, and sex: women redefining difference, audre lorde 475.
manifesta: young women, feminism, and the future, jennifer baumgardner and amy richards 606.
women, environmental justice, and the coal river mountain watch, joyce barry 635.
a women’s studies graduate goes to africa, constance rivera 650.

1. drawing from at least two of the articles we read, how does media representations of violence committed against women vary between examples covered in the us vs. the “developing world”? does this matter and why?
2. drawing from at least two of the articles we read, discuss the concept of “privilege.” why is this an important subject to think about?
3. drawing from at least two of the articles we read, discuss activism—why or why not do people typically organize around issues that impact their lives directly?
4. drawing from the documentary half the sky, there is an international debate raging around the subject of prostitution and whether women will be better protected if it is legalized. what do you think? what impact do you think legalizing prostitution would have on the global sex trafficking crisis?
5. drawing from the documentary half the sky, do wealthy countries have a responsibility to help poor countries improve their maternal health care? why or why not? do you think individuals from wealthy countries or international organizations can be effective in the developing world? what are the benefits and challenges? what role do you think you can play?
6. drawing from the documentary half the sky, what role has the issue of economic empowerment played in your life? were there different economic expectations for girls and boys in your community or family? were you expected to be financially independent when you grew up? how did your experience compare to that of the women in the film?
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