a manufacturing corporation uses tape as its primary backup stor

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a manufacturing corporation uses tape as its primary backup storage media throughout the organization. full backups are performed every sunday. incremental backups are performed monday through saturday.the environment contains many backup servers, backing up different groups of servers.the e‑mail and database applications have to be shut down during the backup process. due to the decentralized backup environment, recoverability is often compromised. there are too many tapes that need to be mounted to perform a full recovery in case of a complete failure.the time needed to recover is too lengthy.the company would like to deploy an easy-to-manage backup environment.they want to reduce the amount of time the e‑mail and database applications are unavailable, and reduce the number of tapes required to fully recover a server in case of a failure.propose a backup and recovery solution to address the company's needs. justify how your solution ensures that their requirements will be met.
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