a new product!

Project Description:

for this task, you will set up a mock company to launch a new product or service of your own creative design and invention. you are to market your product or service cross-culturally. the following should be clear from the required deliverables:
your company’s name and what it does
your product or service name and what it is or does
to whom (the people of what country) you are marketing the product
to prepare to complete the deliverables, do the following:
create a mock company to launch a product or service that you have chosen.
research a country (of your choice) in which to market your product or service
once you have completed the necessary preparation listed above compose the following:
a direct mail piece (a pamphlet or brochure explaining what you offer)
a routine message (some piece of good news about
your product or service)
a bad-news message (a delay in production or
operating plan)
a persuasive message (solicit consumers to use the
product or service showing benefits)

submission requirements:
submit your deliverables as a 1 page word documents for each aspect of the project.
o the direct mail piece should be a 1 page pamphlet or brochure.
o each of the three messages can either be 1/2 page business letters suitable for regular mail or professionally done business e-mail messages.
use appropriate font (12 pt. arial, single-spaced, block-style for letter and e-mail formats).
use appropriate business message spacing.
follow apa writing style.
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