a new product part 2

Project Description:

in part 2 of your project, you will prepare for a presentation for a group of young business people in the country which you have chosen to launch and market your new product or service. you will create for this group a sales proposal and a business report on your product or service. you will then give a professional presentation aided by a powerpoint presentation that you create.

complete the following for your deliverables:
write a sales proposal for your product or service
explaining the product or service you created for
project part 1.
write a brief business report (you may use pretend
numbers since this is not a real company);
improvise as necessary.
design a powerpoint presentation of 8 slides that explains and details your product or service.

submission requirements:
submit a 1 page word document for the
sales proposal.
submit a 1 page word document for the
business report.
submit an 8 slide powerpoint presentation
with appropriate images.
use arial, 12-point font for the proposal and
use double-spacing for the proposal and report.
follow apa writing style.
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