a. you have just been named director of data administration

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a. you have just been named director of data administration of the super baseball league. the super baseball league maintains a substantially decentralized is organization with the focus on the individual teams. each team has a server at its stadium or offices near the stadium. the league has a server at its headquarters. data collected at the team locations, such as player statistics updates and game attendance figures, is uploaded nightly to the server at league headquarters.you have been given a free hand to create a data administration department and supporting database administration departments for the super baseball league and its is environment. design your data and database administration functions. include their responsibilities and explain how they will add value to the corporation.b. create a data dictionary tables table and an attributes table and enter data in them for the super baseball league database (including the stadium table) shown in minicase 5.2.your answer should be based on the format shown in figure 10.6. use your judgment as to attribute type values, length values, etc.c. create a relationships table for this tables and attributes data, using the format in figure 10.7.
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