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i need this done by 11pm tonight, 07-17-15!!!!! please help me!!!! i don't want to fail this class!!!
here is a brief summary and the files are attached to this submission!!!:
you will examine a company’s 2011 annual report and sec filing form 10k. both are provided on our class blackboard site. using this worksheet, answer the following questions and complete the following tables. there are four parts to this task.
part 1: locate the following information. be sure to provide the location where you found the requested data.
1. what is the company’s full legal name?
2. what is the address of the main corporate office?
3. what is the company’s business goal?
4. what products and/or services does the company sell or produce?
5. where does the company sell its products?
6. ingredients and packaging: (form 10k, pages 6 & 7)
7. competition:
a) who are the largest players in the overall u.s. market for this product and competitors?
b) what market category does the company compete within?
c) how large is this market category within the overall u.s. market for this product and competitors?
8. employees: how many employees worked for the company at year-end? how many were covered by any collective bargaining agreement?
there is much more to part 1:
part 2: financial statement comparisons:
part 3: ratio analysis:
part 4: compare the company to the overall industry:
input your computed values from above and compare them company to the overall industry.
prepare a short commentary about this analysis and post it to the next page.
 what does this comparison say about the company?
 how are they financing operations? is this effective or in-effective?
 would you invest in the company? why or why not?
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